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Hello to all!
I just made a site about music!

Its a portal style about indie, pop, psych, progressive and alternative music.
it has news, interviews, videos and everything for the fans of this music style.

Tell me whatever you like or not.
Thanks in advance.


  • jackychoujackychou Registered User Posts: 1
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    Looks great actually, very fitting for the music industry!
    How are you acquiring your readers?
  • brettsaltbrettsalt Registered User Posts: 20
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    That's a nice good looking site, however for SEO instead of just putting a link - attach an anchor text to the link for better SEO results.
  • allenallen Junior Member Posts: 23
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    you have made a great website but i want to share a article which could assist to improve your website's engagement with visitors.Please take a look at
  • nidhishnidhish Registered User Posts: 3
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    Your site looks absolutely beautiful and the graphics is also quiet stunning. and loading time is also low ... overall 9/10.
  • george.weballeygeorge.weballey Member Posts: 69
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    Thank you all, for your good words!
    Thanks allen for your helpful article!
  • josephcaronjosephcaron Registered User Posts: 8
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    Very best your web site look wise.
  • irfanirfan Senior Member Posts: 183
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    Looks good on the Computer and larger screens but when moving to small screen like mobile and tablets i can't see the Logo at the top. overall looks great.
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